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21 July
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So here I am.

Scream my Lungs out and Try to get to You.

You are my Only One.

So. This is the place I'm supposed to put information about myself. See, The way I look at it, people don't give a flying fuck about how I feel, so why the hell should I waste my time filling this up. However, I'm a so called, nice person.

I'm 18. I work at a movie theatre and I like hot people. No really, I'm not shallow. I was directing that at one person. But, hah, he doesn't know who he is. Actually. Now He does.

This shit is friends only. If I know you, I might consider adding you. If not, pssh. Try again next week.

I like my job, and I like the people there for the most part. FOR THE MOST PART. Some of them annoy the fucking shit out of me. But, you can't do anything about it. Blah.

Oh yes, this is the new, better, more emo and angsty, ladykells

Boys That Kiss are SEX Hot Love

My Chemical Romance is Sweet Revenge Love